30 Different Types of Dutch Food

30 Different Types of Dutch Food

Dutch meals tradition is greater than pancakes and cheese, although these are a few essentially the most well-known dishes. 

The Netherlands affords a culinary expertise not like every other due to its various historical past, with all of the cultures which have impacted Dutch delicacies dwelling in relative proximity to at least one one other.

If you’re a vacationer and also you need to discover the most effective Dutch meals, try our record of various kinds of Dutch meals!

Bread and Baked Goods

Bread and Baked Goods

The Dutch delicacies has greater than its justifiable share of baked items which are simply as scrumptious and well-known as these you should buy at any Dutch bakery. Some of those conventional Dutch meals, such because the Appelflap and Oliebollen, have been round for over 100 years.



Appelflappen, also called Appelflap, is a standard Dutch meals. They are small pastries formed into triangles in order that they’ll simply be saved and carried with you as you go about your day. 

This conventional Dutch pastry has a protracted historical past that dates again to the Middle Ages. It’s historically made with dough, raisins, bitter apples, and powdered sugar, after which both fried or baked—each variations could be eaten for breakfast or as a snack. 

Appelflap additionally pairs properly with different Dutch meals, similar to sausage rolls and cheese sticks, that are widespread additions to the breakfast menu.


syrup-filled layers waffles

Stroopwafel is a well-known meals from the Netherlands. It is a candy pastry made by becoming a member of two thin-layered crispy waffle cookies.

A scrumptious sugary syrup is crammed between each layers of waffles so as to add style. Butter, yeast, flour, brown powdered sugar, eggs, and milk are used to make the batter for the waffles. Stroopwafel is a globally recognized Dutch pastry first made in Gouda, Amsterdam, again within the nineteenth Century.


apple pie with tea

Appeltaart is without doubt one of the most admired conventional Dutch meals. It is made by masking the honeyed apple slices with a tasty pastry lattice. You may also add cinnamon and raisins to it for style.

Some whipped cream and a steaming cup of espresso could be an ideal companion to it. This in style and conventional Dutch meals dates again to the center ages.


buttercake with peanuts

Boterkoek is an easy-to-make gentle butter cake, a scrumptious conventional Dutch meals. Boterkoek dough is made by including sugar and butter to the flour and adequately kneading it.

The dough is then baked until it swells right into a spongy cake. You may also add almond paste or vanilla to it, relying upon your style.


fried raisin-filled pastry balls

Oliebollen is a doughnut-like pastry from the Netherlands. It is also called smoutballen. The tasty Dutch meals is made by frying the raisin-filled pastry balls.

Powdered sugar is used to garnish the Oliebollen. It is a standard meals within the Netherlands, particularly served with berry filling at formal occasions like New Year. 


Cooked bread with fruit and butter

Paasbrood or Kerststol is a standard loaf within the Netherlands. It is a vital a part of the Dutch feast on the non secular competition, Easter.

The substances like flour, milk, eggs, yeast, lemon juice, sugar, cardamom, butter, and raisins make Paasbrood. The conventional Easter bun is full of scrumptious almond paste to extend the style.


apple pie cheesecake

Tompouce, also called Tompoes, is a well-known Dutch pastry named after a dwarf stage actor  Admiraal Tom Pouce, Jan Hannema’s stage identify. 

Making this Dutch apple pie is sort of a straightforward activity. Just take two rectangular items of the baked puff pastry sheet. Apply a vanilla cream layer on one crispy sheet and place the opposite puff sheet on it. Then unfold the pink or orange glaze on high and revel in consuming it.

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Dutch Snacks, Appetizers, and Finger Foods

Dutch Snacks, Appetizers, and Finger Foods

Dutch snacks, appetizers, and finger meals are on the coronary heart of Dutch meals tradition. You can’t stroll far with out seeing proof of their presence.

You’ll see them in cafes on each nook, being loved with a cup of espresso or tea, like bitterballen or kroket.


Bamischijf is a standard snack liked by many within the Netherlands. This Dutch appetizer is similar to Indonesian delicacies. 

Bamischijf is ready by coating the fried noodles and vegetable balls in breadcrumbs and deep-frying them in oil. It is healthier loved with thick sauces and ketchup.


beef balls with breadcrumbs fried

Bitterballen is without doubt one of the most well-known conventional Dutch meals, and virtually all of the Dutch food-lovers are in love with this savory snack.

Bitterballens are spicy beef balls coated with breadcrumbs and deep-fried in sizzling oil. In the Netherlands, individuals like to have mustard sauce with this scrumptious snack.


potatoes, carrots and cucumber salad

Huzaransalade is a singular but scrumptious Dutch salad. It is an integral a part of lunch as a pleasant snack and wholesome salad within the Netherlands.

Huzarensalade can be used as an extra serving together with BBQ. It’s a tasty mixture of potatoes, carrots, peas, tomatoes, uncooked cucumbers, boiled eggs, mayonnaise, and gherkins.


dutch krokets

Kroket is a Dutch fast food, an identical to Bitterballen in style and form. It consists of marinated meat, potatoes, cheese, and spices. 

The combination is rolled into cylindrical shapes and coated with breadcrumbs. Then it’s fried in sizzling oil and served with completely different sauces. It is often present in snack bars and cafes.


Spicy cookies

Pepernoten, also called Peppernuts, are irregular-shaped spicy cookies. Pepernoten is historically baked on the fifth of December to have a good time Sinterklaas Day. The day is related to a saint, Nikolas.

The substances required to make these Dutch biscuits are flour, brown caster sugar, chilly butter, salt, and gingerbread spices. 

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Dutch Breakfast & Lunch Foods

Dutch breakfast, toast with jerry

Every Dutch breakfast and lunch begins with one factor: bread. The Dutch eating regimen may be very completely different from the American eating regimen, with a heavy emphasis on meat, cheese, and bread. The typical Dutch breakfast consists of some slices of bread with quite a lot of toppings, similar to peanut butter and honey or savory toppings.


toast with chocolate sprinkles

Hagelslag is a mouthwatering Dutch breakfast food with quite a simple recipe. You simply have to toast the bread with butter and unfold some chocolate sprinkles on high and the short breakfast is prepared. Enjoy munching on it with a steaming cup of espresso.

Hagelslag is a Dutch phrase meaning ‘hailstorm.’ It refers to its invention throughout a hailstorm by the director of VENCO, B.E. Dieperink.


brown cake with cocoa

Ontbijtkoek, additionally named Peperkoek, is a standard Dutch breakfast cake. It’s a light-weight brown, spicy cake product of rye flour and flavored with cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg.

The Dutch individuals love consuming this spicy breakfast cake topped with a thick butter layer and a sizzling cup of tea. Moreover, it stays recent for weeks, even at room temperature.


pancakes or crepes with chocolate and berries

The Netherlands is thought worldwide for its pancakes (or pannenkoeken, as they’re known as in Dutch). 

These skinny, spherical crêpes are cooked on a griddle and are historically eaten with powdered sugar, syrup, or fruit preserves. They’re often topped with a dollop of whipped cream. 

If you’re fortunate sufficient to be in Amsterdam throughout the summertime, you too can discover them topped with seasonal fruits!

Flour, milk, eggs, and butter are a few of the substances used to arrange the dough for Pannenkoeken. The dough is then cooked on the pan to make flat Dutch pancakes.



Pastechi is a Dutch pastry, first made on a small island, Aruba. Aruba was a part of the Netherlands in historic occasions.

Pastechi is a candy and engaging breakfast pastry, additionally used as a snack. The Dutch use hen, beef, tuna, greens, and Dutch cheese because the stuffing substances for the pastry dough.


toast with cheese and ketchup

Tosti can be a well-known Dutch breakfast. It consists of two bread slices full of ham and cheese and toasted collectively for a nice style. Serve the company with ketchup and mayonnaise sauce to boost the style.

Uitsmijter Spek En Kaas

toast with cheese, bacon, ham and pepper

Uitsmijter Spek En Kaas is one other favourite traditional Dutch food for breakfast. The conventional approach of constructing this breakfast is fairly easy. Half fry the eggs and place them on bread slices with Dutch cheese and ham. Then season them with pepper and salt.

In English, Uitsmijter means “bouncer” or “doorman” as a result of it was a late-night service at cafes proper earlier than their closing time.


toast with honey and berries

Wentleteefjes is a standard Dutch breakfast toast. It is made by soaking the loaves of bread in milk and crushed eggs after which frying them in a pan.

You may also use the leftover onerous bread to make Wentelteefjes. The observe will give the identical lavish style and likewise forestall meals wastage.

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Dutch Soups & Stews

Dutch Soups

Soups and stews are an integral a part of Netherlands delicacies. There are just a few primary kinds of Dutch soup, however all have one factor in widespread: they’re hearty.


Split pea soup

One of essentially the most primary Dutch soups is erwtensoep, or cut up pea soup. This pea soup is usually eaten with onerous rolls for breakfast or lunch, however it may be eaten at any time of day.

Dutch individuals intensely crave this flavorsome pea soup in winter. Ice skaters like to eat this sizzling soup to get some heat within the cozy climate.

It is a mix of varied boiled greens similar to inexperienced peas, potatoes, onions, celery, and carrots. It additionally accommodates just a few items of smoked sausage.


Hachee is a mouthwatering Dutch stew. It is made by adequately tenderizing the meat in caramelized onions. Vinegar can be used whereas cooking to boost the tenderness of the meat.

Hachee is an all-time favourite winter dish for individuals within the Netherlands. Some bay leaves and cloves are used for a nice perfume and style.

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Dutch Fish/Meat & Vegetable Dishes

Dutch fish

Dutch individuals love consuming fish and meat with greens. Their meals is filled with incredible flavors, spices, and aromas. If you need to style genuine Dutch delicacies at its most interesting, check out these conventional meat & vegetable dishes.


dutch sausage with salad

Stamppot is a standard Dutch meals with an previous historical past relationship again to historic occasions. It’s a wholesome mixture of mashed potatoes and recent greens like carrots, endive, and kale.

The Dutch like to eat Stamppot in winter with a particular Dutch sausage, rookworst.

Bami Goreng

roasted meat with noodles and vegetable

Bami Goreng is essentially the most chosen Netherlands meals. It initially belonged to Indonesian delicacies, nevertheless it’s fashionable among the many Dutch.

It is a mix of chopped onions, stir-fried egg noodles, greens, and meat, flavored with completely different spices.

Lekkerbekje en Kibbeling

fry fish with sauce

Lekkerbekje en Kibbeling is a well-known Dutch fish dish. They seek advice from the battered fish (both cod or whiting) served with tartar sauce and deep-fried mussels or fries.

Kibbeling is a Dutch phrase referring to cod cheeks, a vital a part of the Dutch eating regimen within the center ages.

Saucijzenbroodjes en worstenbroodjes


Saucijzenbroodjes en worstenbroodje is a pillowy pastry with spicy, savory meat inside. The dough is produced from puff pastry, eggs, and spices.

The stuffing is floor meat seasoned with savory spices. After being fried or baked, the rolls are sliced into bite-sized parts.


sate soup dish

Sate can be one of the vital in style Dutch meals, first ready in Indonesia. It is a skewer of meat correctly grilled and marinated in a thick sauce.

Indonesian chili sauce, peanut butter, and soy sauce make that thick sauce. People within the Netherlands get pleasure from this marinated Sate with peanut sauce.

Dutch Street Food


Poffertjes are small-sized spherical Dutch pancakes baked in a particular iron pan. This spongy Dutch dessert is a vital a part of meals at annual Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Poffertjes are a well-liked road Dutch meals made with buckwheat flour and yeast. These gentle Dutch pancakes are sometimes served with butter and sugar syrup. You may also add strawberries and whipped cream as toppings.


Frikandel is without doubt one of the finest examples of conventional Dutch meals. It appears to be like like a sausage. It is made with floor hen, meat, or beef, seasoned with completely different spices like pepper, cinnamon, and mace. Frikandel is oftentimes served with fries, diced onions, and mayo sauce.


Patat is without doubt one of the well-known Dutch road meals. It’s a thick French fry sometimes served in a paper cone. Belgium was the primary nation to invent this tasty meals.

These thick French fries include completely different sauces like mayonnaise, ketchup, and peanut sauce. The Dutch love so as to add numerous spices and uncooked chopped onions to it for style and savor.


What is a Traditional Dutch Dinner Meal?

A standard Dutch dinner contains potatoes, meat, and greens, served with gravy. The meat is often salted or smoked, and the greens are sometimes cooked with the meat.
One dinner dish that’s so iconic that it’s grow to be synonymous with Dutch delicacies is known as “stamppot.”

A typical stamppot would possibly embody kale, carrots, onions, and bacon bits or ham. After dinner, Dutch individuals often drink espresso or yogurt as a dessert.

Is Dutch Food Good?

Dutch meals is usually stereotyped as plain, easy, and never very tasty. The reality is that Dutch meals are often neither plain nor easy nor, in reality, very unhealthy. Some of essentially the most well-known Dutch meals have worldwide reputations for being glorious!
That doesn’t imply that each dish is a masterpiece. However, you’ll be pleasantly shocked by the variability and prime quality of meals you will discover within the Netherlands.

What is The Netherlands’ Staple Food?

Potatoes! The Netherlands is a rustic that has embraced the potato for hundreds of years, and it’s nonetheless their hottest meals at present. Take Stamppot, for instance.

In the 1770s, potatoes overtook bread as an important supply of vitamin within the Dutch eating regimen. The potato had grow to be a serious aspect of the Dutch eating regimen by the 1720s, and by 1800, it was “the” staple meals.
Another one of many Netherlands’ most well-known meals is Gouda cheese – a kind of cheese with a really delicate taste. It’s usually eaten on bread or served with mashed potatoes and greens for dinner.
This might be one sort of meals that’s well-known outdoors of the nation too! You can discover Gouda cheese in just about any grocery store across the Netherlands.

How Many Cheese Markets Are There In The Netherlands?

There are at the moment 5 cheese markets working within the Netherlands – Woerden, Gouda, Hoorn, Edam, and Alkmaar. Among these 5 cheese markets, the Alkmaar market is essentially the most well-known and in style one.
The Alkmaar cheese market is an occasion that mixes historic training and leisure. It’s situated within the middle of Alkmaar, which is a metropolis within the Netherlands. It is a well-liked vacationer attraction for its historic significance and its cheese as properly.

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