21 Artists Pair Up In An Experimental New Exhibition, ‘Between Painters

For artist Charlotte Alldis, collaboration is woven into creativity.

‘It wasn’t a brand new idea, however it is a crucial idea – one which I wished to have fun,’ she says of the inspiration behind her experimental artwork challenge, Between Painters‘.

During lockdown final yr, she was dwelling rurally at an artist residency at Dunmoochin, situated 30km away from Melbourne. Removed from her locality, emotions of isolation finally crept in. But as a substitute of succumbing to loneliness, Charlotte noticed it as a chance for a collaborative challenge – ‘bringing artists together’.

‘I reached out to artists, some of them are friends of mine, some of them professional acquaintances, some I have never met but admire their practice,’ Charlotte explains. ‘The brief was that this project is intended to be challenging, a way of finding inspiration and exploring the artists’ follow via disruption and enquiry.’

It seems she wasn’t the one one eager for a group both, as all 21 creatives she contacted stated sure to being concerned.

While Charlotte’s unique imaginative and prescient was for the pairs to be chosen at random, she determined to rigorously pair the artists herself, guided by similarities of their themes and processes.

‘I planned out the pairs in what I felt was going to work as best as I could know, but ultimately, it was up to the two artists to collaborate and find ways of connecting and form their own vibe,’ she says.

The collaborative outcomes from these pairs blends topic issues, tales, and ideas in a wealthy tapestry of color and kind. Charlotte labored with Melbourne-based artist and designer Sonia Gill on a collection of dream-like work, whereas Emma Currie and Kayleigh Heydon’s artworks provide a mixture of their distinctive artwork kinds. But not all the items are simply distinguishable by an artist’s common fashion of labor, Charlotte says – which is all a part of the enjoyable of the ensuing exhibition.

‘There were times when the artists were finding working together challenging due to location, different mediums, different ways of communicating which was all part of the project’s intentions,’ Charlotte provides. But the educational curves and new concepts is one thing every participant can now take into their very own, solo work. And Charlotte even has intentions for a second iteration of the challenge within the close to future too!

‘I hope [the exhibition] leaves the audience feelings inspired and challenged,’ she says. ‘There is a lot of intimacy, imagination, and magic in these works.’

See ‘Between Painters’ at Backwoods Gallery, Collingwood from June 3 – June 19.

Backwoods Gallery
25 Easey St
Collingwood, VIC



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