13 Uncommon Disney House Video Films You Didn’t Know Existed

To mention that everybody has their favourite Disney film would not be too massive of an exaggeration. From princesses to pirates and extra, the studio has launched a bumper crop of undying classics and animated favorites. However whilst many in their precious movies are readily to be had on DVD, Blu-ray, and home-video, there are nonetheless the ones white whales available in the market that experience but to look a correct rerelease.

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Since authentic VHS tapes and a couple of DVDs are extremely uncommon, many of those Disney films were sadly forgotten by way of the fanbase. Whether or not they’re hardcore creditors or diehard enthusiasts having a look to revel in the whole thing the studio has to supply, there are nonetheless treasures to be discovered.

Up to date on October third, 2021 by way of Zach Gass: With the discovery of Disney+, the home of mouse has necessarily eliminated the fabled “Disney Vault.” Now, Disney enthusiasts necessarily have their pick out of magical films to experience on the click on of a button. That every one being mentioned, the streaming provider’s huge library does now not comprise all the studio’s paintings, and a few options nonetheless stay uncommon within the eyes of devoted enthusiasts. They could be absent, they could be locked away in some Disney archive, they could also be misplaced to the sands of time, however for some reason why, those films are uncommon commodities nonetheless most effective discovered within the additional recesses of domestic video.

In Seek Of The Castaways (1962)

Characters behind bars in In Search of the Castaways

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Now not the rarest, however one that may opt for round $50 on Amazon for Blu Ray, In Seek of the Castaways is an extraordinary journey movie with notes of Swiss Circle of relatives Robinson and a slightly of Treasure Island for excellent measure. Probably the most many movies that includes Haley Generators, it used to be certainly extra thrilling than one thing like The Guardian Lure.

When an eccentric professor discovers a message in a bottle supposedly from the misplaced Captain Grant, he launches a grand expedition to rescue him and his group. Accompanied by way of Grant’s youngsters and send tycoon’s son, the birthday celebration encounters wild animals, cannibals, and a infamous gunrunner, the journey stretches from the mountains of South The united states to the seas of the New Zealand Coast.

Savage Sam (1963)

Savage Sam pictured in the tall grass from the Disney Movie

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It will come as a marvel to a couple, however now not most effective did Disney’s Previous Yeller have a son, however his son were given a sequel film too. Savage Sam selections up after the occasions of Previous Yeller, however along with his son Sam now the dog significant other to Arliss and Travis from the unique movie. When their oldsters go away them to seek advice from their grandmother, the men are left to their adventures on this Disney western.

Even though it has just a handful of references to the primary film. Savage Sam is a stereotypical western thru and thru. It has a circle of relatives set within the outlands of Texas, cowboys, and encounters with Apache renegades in a well-recognized backdrop. It is cliche every now and then however now not with out some advantage.

The Courageous Little Toaster (1987)

It is in truth fairly unusual how repeatedly audience fail to remember that that is certainly a Disney film. Particularly given the truth that it featured names like Jerry Rees and John Lasseter hooked up to the undertaking. The story comes to a band of home equipment embarking on a cross-country commute to reunite with their cherished “grasp,” and a musical journey ensues.

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To mention the movie is not unusual could be unfaithful. It does characteristic characters like a toaster, blanket, lamp, and radio within the lead roles along side songs about innovative home equipment and automobiles in a junkyard, however that is a part of its eccentric allure. It could be an obtained style for some, however the nostalgia issue is indubitably actual for this one.

Charlie, The Lonesome Cougar (1967)

Jess and his friend Goodtime Charlie against a blue sky

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Walt Disney at all times had some way with animal options, and Charlie, The Lonesome Cougar is an unsung hero of the style. Billed as “The thrilling adventures of a teenage mountain lion,” the movie facilities across the titular Charlie and his interactions along with his human rescuer and their existence in a logging neighborhood.

Probably the most final initiatives to have Walt’s identify hooked up, it certainly has his personal private sentimental taste. Sure, it is greater than just a little tacky, however looking at the animal antics of Goodtime Charlie is greater than sufficient reason why to check out and monitor down this movie.

So Expensive To My Center (1948)

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There is a excellent probability now not many trendy Disney enthusiasts have even heard of this film, however that is not as it comprises any questionable topic subject material or a scathing recognition, it simply hasn’t been circulated all that a lot. The movie considerations the lives of Jeremiah and his puppy lamb Danny in 1900s Indiana.

This used to be a favourite undertaking of Walt Disney’s, having grown up in the similar area and pulling from his personal youth to design the movie. As of now, it cannot be considered on Disney+ however its most up-to-date free up used to be way back to 2008, making it probably the most rarest Disney movies at the domestic marketplace.

The Jungle E book (1994)

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Sooner than Jon Favreau took his swing on the animated Disney vintage, Stephen Sommers had his fascinating reimagining with this 1994 adaptation of the Kipling novel. Taking extra from Tarzan than Mowgli, this model has a lot more journey and less speaking animals and musical numbers. That every one being mentioned, it is a thrill journey price renting.

With a solid that includes Jason Scott Lee, Cary Elwes, and John Cleese, it indubitably has some superstar energy at the back of it. It is much less of a remake and extra of a unique adaptation from the similar supply subject material. It is other, however indubitably exceeds expectancies.

Zorro Collection (1957)

Zorro as played by Douglas Fairbanks

“Out of the night time, when the whole moon is brilliant, comes the horseman referred to as Zorro.” Disney is accountable for some of the cherished variations of the masked caballero. The collection is loaded with journey however has simply the correct quantity of humor and drama to stay audiences invested. It is a swashbuckling collection that also hits the mark.

Excellent success discovering this on domestic video regardless that, the primary collection by myself is going for just about $400 on Amazon. The characteristic movie may also be discovered on Disney+, alternatively. By way of con Dios, Zorro enthusiasts.

The Watcher In The Woods (1980)

The Watcher in the Woods

As stunning because it sounds, Disney if truth be told made a sound horror film. Now not a Halloween particular, now not a film that is simply creepy, however a essentially frightening horror movie. That movie is Watcher within the Woods. Watcher within the Woods is a supernatural mystery that is absolute best for the ones younger horror buffs now not in a position for an R score but.

The tale comes to the mysterious disappearance of just a little woman, psychic phenomena, and an otherworldly entity. It is truly one thing enthusiasts do not generally see from the glorious global of Disney.

One thing Depraved This Manner Comes (1983)

Something Wicked this way Comes

Relating to horror films and Disney, One thing Depraved This Manner Comes is very really helpful. In line with the horror novel by way of Ray Bradbury, with the creator writing the screenplay, the film is not precisely frightening, however this can be a sure emblem of chilling. It isn’t just about as excellent because the ebook, however with its charms.

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There is something simply purely Halloween with this flick. From the sinister circus that involves the town to the ghostly autumn season that saturates the atmosphere. It is an underrated movie that wishes extra consideration, and if enthusiasts can to find it on DVD, be sure you cling directly to it, lest it must be spirited away.

The Absent-Minded Professor (1961)

Prof. Brainard and his wife behind the wheel of the Model T in the Absent-Minded Professor

Sooner than Robin Williams gave enthusiasts Flubber, Fred MacMurray gave the sector The Absent-Minded Professor. Even though it lacks the zany nature of the Robin Williams remake, the unique movie has some surprising particular results, witty humor, and pleasant performances with memorable characters.

Watch as Professor Brainard creates the flying rubber concoction he dubs Flubber with a view to save the suffering Medfield school. It is considered one of Disney’s previous live-action outings and must be loved by way of any Disney historical past buff or newcomer to the fandom. With laughs, romance, and a cauldron stuffed with inexperienced goo, certainly give this movie an eye fixed.

The Scarecrow Of Romney Marsh (1963)

If enthusiasts are searching for a swashbuckling excellent time and feature already observed the Zorro collection, trip around the pond to the southern coast of England to observe the adventures of Dr. Syn and his regulate ego, The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh. This swashbuckling story of middle of the night riders is absolute best for any historic fiction fan. It additionally has an uncharacteristically creepy theme music.

The collection may be very tricky to search out on DVD, and will incessantly fetch a king’s ransom on-line. Do not fail to spot this surprising collection hosted by way of Walt Disney himself.

Previous Yeller (1959)

Disney Old Yeller

This is one that is unusually been swept underneath the rug in recent times. A Disney vintage and a tear-jerker that would rival Bambi or Fox and the Hound, Previous Yeller used to be as soon as probably the most studio’s maximum iconic movies. No matter took place to the “Very best Doggone Canine within the West?”

Previous Yeller is considered one of Disney’s maximum iconic movies, in part from its titular superstar, however most commonly because of its notorious finishing. It is a undying story that used to be as soon as a treasure. Regardless of its recognition, it isn’t truly been observed in stream in recent times. Perhaps it is time to name the previous canine again domestic.

The Spirit Of Mickey (1998)

Now not a movie, however a compilation of Mickey’s easiest moments all the way through the mouse’s fantastic profession. The Spirit of Mickey is an extraordinary gem of a film and an absolute deal with for hardcore Disney enthusiasts. What makes it so uncommon is that it is VHS most effective, and not using a plans for a DVD free up.

What makes this compilation other from the remainder is the fascinating remark given by way of Mickey and the remainder of his buddies in between the shorts, remarking about which cartoons had been first offered in colour, which received awards, in addition to simply being their naturally superb selves.

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